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ActionTRAK is the "railroad" or "backbone" for the ActionTrak system and is architected to facilitate cross company collaboration of Product Catalogs, Price Rules, Vendor Lists, Product Availability, Customer Lists, Ordering, Tracking and Processing. Once your Link account is setup, documents are passed between Vendors and Customers to automate and expedite the trading process. The best part? ITS FREE!

Connect your business to the cloud

ActionTRAK provides you with a cloud-based solution for connecting you to your trading partners and allows you to securely send, receive, modify and approve important documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales orders, Shipping notices, Invoices, and others to automate your most time-consuming business processes. Think of it as an open EDI, Extranet, or DMZ for your entire transactional ecosystem.


Ordering can be done in multiple ways to suit your needs: for example, a PO can be created right from Link and posted for delivery to your vendor who can modify or approve and process it within ActionTRAK. If you have an ActionTrak enabled connector or application, like Pro, your PO can be created in your accounting software and automatically loaded into Link for transmission. Either way, your order goes out instantly. Whether to one vendor or many vendors.


Easily invite your Supply and Distribution partners to join your Link Extranet with every transactional communication, each emailed order or invoice encourages them to sign up for free. ActionTRAK grows with your company and the ecosystem of your trading partners to automate every step your partners will allow.

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